The meaning of our lives, is in the fight.

The day we throw in the towel is the day we stop trying to do things the same way.

We do get tired of never seeing change. God likes it when we persevere in any situation and keep the faith. A troubled child, a broken marriage, a wearisome job, poverty, sickness. Our military who fight for our safety and ease of life, unsung hero's, our protectors. Are we acknowledging them enough? Saying thank you enough?


These situations do not last forever and things do change suddenly one day. Just keep doing your best to change and ask for God's help and guidance each minute of the day. It takes a long time for people to change, however, prayer is the choice tool of breaking a situation to a place where there is change. Why, because too often human intervention which is required at times, that is with confrontation, such as military and police personnel is not always the only remedy. I mean when confronted with an impossible situation, where the other is uncooperative, afraid, ignorant, prayer is your best weapon. Rubbish one might say! Hear me out, what I am saying is that how many times did our heated words just make the situation worst? Taking a stance or drawing a line. Where it pushed the other to push back in retaliation. This at times is not an ideal situation of achieving lasting order and peace, is it?

What is required is a powerful tool of prayer. Prayer is speaking to God the invisible to go to work where you can never be or will never see going on in a situation or in the lives of those you want to affect. It's is a spiritual weapon, instead of swords and clubs, prayer over God's perfect timing goes to work for a perfect result. Never mind if we understand or not, or if it's not on our time frame, once prayed its the universe now in charge, who is on it and working on, the Lord takes care of the rest. And call God on it, say God did I not pray about this, can I get some insight, please? We pray to the God of the universe whose power is magnificent and who is eager to show His glory to those who call on His name.

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