Seed For Harvest

We work, get paid, then distribute.
The cycle of life.
We plant time to receive a paycheck.
Fun investing is where your money multiplies.
Placing seed in good, tended ground- produces more than you initially invest.
Young girls & all women- a trusted backing is here for you.
Your reaping field has arrived.
Sow your seed today and know a good return will come.
Make me a blessing said our fore father, Abraham.
Together let's stand united as one, under God eye.
Plant today & be a growth partner.


Monthly planting 40$ for one year- start today.  Please consider giving for the entire 12-month year as lump sum.

Monthly planting 50$ for one year-start today.  

Cheque order of: Santa Santina Gatta

6-45 Impasse de la Roseraie, Gatineau, Quebec J9A 2S4

email transfer option available.





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