Looking Forward to Hearing From You Today.

Dear Friends: 

Thank you for reaching out to me. The tapestry of our lives expressed through art lived in relationship with ourselves, and others by the power and knowledge of God is refreshing to any soul.

Our lives lived in harmony and cooperation through a loving lifelong relationship with the Trinity is the single greatest asset one owns. Anytime is the right time to begin.

Getting to know ourselves alone and in context to our outside world will determine our success or failure in life. Now is the right time to get on the right track.

Your comments and questions are important. With inquiries about giving, feedback related to the theme and direction of this site are welcomed. Reach out with prayer requests and/or with question about your faith and walk with God.

Together we grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ who is the Head of the Church and perfecter of our faith. Most of all a world filled with happy people makes life on earth pleasant. Can we live on earth happily without the knowledge of God as our barometer of excellent living- the answer is no? Get to know yourself through and with relationship with Christ and the Church. In Spirit and in Truth.

Thank you for your love in spreading the Word, of God's Kingdom.

Santa Santina Gatta, B.A, M.A Public Ethics. (Hons) Ethics, B.A. Theology,