Will we admit we're to lazy to love?


"But if you bite and devour one another, beware lest you be consumed by one another!"                       Galatians 5:15 

We know racism is wrong, yet we practice racism as we breathe. 

Racism replaced the word hatred, disdain, superiority, contempt against the stranger, the foreigner, the other. Racism is a much deeper issue of-hate for our neighbor.

Racism is synchronized with humanity, for as long as there is human nature without the application of the knowledge of God, Who commands us to love one another  -  racism will exist.

There is good news, that depends squarely on each of us where we can completely eradicate racism from our lives, communities, and the world forever! It starts with me and you- now!

Recently through social media especially, we are being faced with the deep issues of racism. Racism hurts everyone and we all know it takes place, which all practice to one degree or another. Hating on anyone hurts and leaves lingering scars that can last lifetimes. God does not want us to hurt each other. God requires that we be fair, honest, and cooperative with each other. We must acknowledge that each person is a living, feeling, being with rights, feelings, and too, obligations. 

When things go wrong in a relationship, when there are splits, breakdowns, and division pride usually is the bottleneck. What is required in all human contact and interaction is respect, a listening ear, and cooperation as starters. When interacting with anyone what is required is a listening ear, understanding, compassion, honesty and truth, and a cooperative attitude.

"This is a true but easy answer."

Unfortunately, poor relationships are the mark of a broken world. Relations break down all the time. Marriages end, couples break up, children call the police on parents, teachers are mistreated in the classroom, people worldwide are mistreated. Who is mistreating people-me and you?

If each of us practiced respect, compassion, understanding with anyone we encountered we would have no problems with racism. Because each person we would talk to, interact with we would be on guard to show respect, compassion, a listening ear, we would speak the truth and we would love foremost-racism is then nowhere to be seen or heard! 

Christ says to love your neighbor as yourself. This is a spiritual law to be adhered to so that it will go well with us- all of us.

What is hate for the other? The reality that we are too prideful or apathetic or too lazy to order our thinking to realize people are just like us. All of us need love, respect and to be heard. But when we act badly, when we are acting terribly things go wrong. As much as it depends on anyone make sure your behavior protects yourself and those you love.

We have missed the mark with others, with ourselves, and with God. We have become a nation that is disobedient, self-willed, obnoxious, mistreated, and unloved.

Problems between people are complex. It's never a one side story- if we're going to get to the bottom of relational issues we all need to come clean and come up higher in our behavior and be prepared, to be honest, and to examine our thoughts, attitudes and behavior.

I want you to come away from this blog with tools to change or try each day to take a step toward seeing each person, you meet with the eyes of your own soul's needs. We have broken faith with each other and with God. We have lost ourselves and let ourselves go to the point that we have become strangers to ourselves, nor do we bother to see the other as a human being any longer, we must guard against this destructive aloofness and confront it with bold and genuine love and concern.

It breaks my heart to see what is happening around the world, especially in America, a nation of freedoms yet so many are caught up in a situation where they feel and are mistreated and abused. Have we worn down our systems and the people who operate them down to the bone, so that they are no longer able to offer up in reciprocating the right of the other in genuine faith? 

Can we today as you read this blog, reflect on your own behavior and comportment and not say I can come up higher in my love walk toward my mother, father, preacher, police officer? What would Jesus do, if He was speaking to people today of our society, how would He address our situations and times. The answer- the same way He did back then, With humility, with respect, and with authority. Do we do the same, when confronting evil- with respect, understanding, and poise? When the Pharisees brought the prostitute to Jesus for condemnation, Jesus stooped to the ground so he could pray to God for insight. He did not blast the Pharisees, Jesus knew all men, and that his pride was always an issue, instead Christ used wisdom and savoir-faire.

He stooped to the ground and answers "He who is without sin cast the first stone?" Because all her accusers knew they were not perfect, all left, one by one. Most of all her accusors exercised lording over her or misogyny, and not reasons of righteous indignation. They wanted to have Jesus' side with their male bonding and power rather than their appeal of justice and righteousness or fairness. Don't we do this too, whether we're right or wrong is irrelevant, but we want people to side with us because we have clout or power or and advantage of sorts. Jesus did not give in to male ego trips or male bonding. Jesus loved all people equally and fairly without prejudice or favoritism. Do we do the same with our children, employees, and parishioners?.

All of us are required to behave accordingly, within our homes and outside our homes. We are to be respectful of each other and to obey those placed above us to protect us and teach us and lead us. This is called adhering to order when asked to.

When we go into society and we curse everyone, damn everything and do not respect order, authority, and people. We will incur judgment and problems guaranteed. 

There are countless epidemics today. One of them is the lack of respect for authority. Because today's authority is despised and ridiculed, we get a backlash and a fear of attitudes. A parent is there to nurture, protect, and love their children. When this is not provided to a child- the child is at a great loss and disadvantage from the get-go, and society will pay the price for the parent's mistakes in child-rearing. When a person does not obey the authority of the police officer there will be punished because this is the function and position of the officer that you obey their requests. Police are the last frontiers of order and punishment.

It is our duty, whether we are right or wrong we are to obey the commands of an officer. Stop a quarrel before it begins, let God defend you. Do not take matters into your own hands. It is too dangerous.

 There are things people do which irritates us, bothers us, and enrage us, but it's another thing to stereotype, dislike and label the entire race, as assuming behave always in a similar manner. We are known to generalize and put people in one boat so to speak. But again we forget we are all alike.

For example, Italians eat spaghetti- this may seem okay because it is true, however, when we say things which are meant to insult and degrade people for their customs or culture, we slide into racism, especially if we decide to hate and criticize, all Italians because they might eat spaghetti. Not indicative of all Italians,  but most perhaps. We get into trouble by assuming these thoughts and verbalizing the comments that are heard as racist comments.

What is going on here? To generalize a whole group, race or people is called stigmatizing. That is to place a label on a person to represent the whole group or race. One black person hated me now all black persons are haters. We can see these are dangerous assumptions, but ones that exist.

We must be the change we want to see. What is taking place in North America is showing us that we are far from practicing loving our neighbor as ourselves.

We must stop, and look at any person as a single, unique, valued, and precious soul. We must stop to think and look at any person as having a mother, father, siblings, a lifestyle which they build and worked for.  we must be cognition of the fact that all persons have the right to life, liberty, and protection. including those, we don't want to respect or obey or listen to, like our parents, teachers, police officers, or our President and Prime Minister. What do they have to do with racism- well any given person of a given culture or race is a police officer, or teacher, parent or President.

 The opposite of racism-hospitality, respect, listening, understanding, accepting, learning, sharing, loving.


"Writing a blog, or making comments on social media is not enough to save a person's reputation, life, or soul. More is required from all of us."

More is required from each of us. First, we must stop looking at people like label objects. Women, boss, truck driver, Latino, freak, Christian, fatso, faggot, police officer.

Each human being is a person with rights to life, protection, and liberty under the constitution of their country. For example, in Canada, the constitution begins with 17 simple words of citizens' responsibilities.

"Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law."

 Less and less of us recognize the supremacy of God and are the rule of law and we are directly paying the price for turning our backs on morality. We know there is a Higher power, and we know there are laws. What are we doing in the meanwhile between the law and the Higher Power? My question is why do we continue to act like there is no authority, no boundaries, and no Higher Power. 

Is it because we are fed up, we're crying out to be heard, respected, understood, and listened too. we're looking for a voice? A very legitimate need and requirement as a human being. Is it because we have lost our way and don't know who to trust anymore. Well, there is a God who has all the answers and who holds you in the palm of His hands. But we must learn to listen, obey, and respect and we can start by being kind even to our leaders who do not have to put up with the abuse we serve up to them. Each person has feelings, everyone to flourish requires human dignity and acceptance. Make sure you serve this up to anyone who is breathing whom you come into contact with- even though you have disagreements and discord. we can agree to disagree amicable. 

The point I want to bring out is a person is first a person with rights and freedoms under obligations, to keep in step with responsibilities, as a healthy functioning citizen of society as much as it depends on them. Many citizens require help, as we all do at one point in time or another, such as during COVID where many received financial assistance from our governments, more on this later.  A person is not a label or title, a title is a position of authority hopefully operated under justice and fairness and with wisdom. A boss is a woman who is a person who deserves respect and space to be herself, blunders and successes combined under that title of authority of which is required of her, duty to do right, to submit to God's command of loving your neighbor as oneself, to maintain justice and righteousness within the title.

Do we stop to ponder, how dangerous it is to be a police officer today? The stresses of not knowing if you are going to arrive home alive at the end of the shift can be daunting. Police officers have lives too, and children and they get scared when things go awry. 

We all have a part to play in getting along nicely, and saying what we need to say respectfully. If disputes arise and they will, it is not the time to blow up. Stay calm, say a prayer first and ask God to give you a clear mind and picture so that your life is not endangered, that you will walk out leaving- room for God to do what you cannot. I have to admit that today more than ever, in our self-serving, individualistic society, that we take care of number one-ourselves, far too often to our demiss and hurt.

Let's go back to respecting any title, any authority, and things will go better for us, in reciprocity -authority, do what is right-  tell the truth in love. Treat people with respect and respect our humanity. Let us give up provoking one another. One title of authority police carry is the judgment for doing wrong, as they carry arms and use them to protect their lives and the lives of others. Personally anyone I come in contact with who carries an arm, I am very very careful to do as asked. Why I don't want to provoke, be hurt, or die.  Tributes of upbringing, the environment, or secondary factors such as biases, should never factor in, on how we deem the person worthy of respect, as well in reciprocity, no one should judge us for our secondary traits or situation but on how we behave and comport ourselves respectfully and with a little humility might I add-God asks us, and we are constantly reminded by the Church, clergy, parents, teachers, etcetera, to be loving, fair and respectful of all persons. Giving persons the benefit of the doubt, praying for them, forgiving them, being patient with them, having a conversation, giving them a voice and outlet to be heard. But there comes a time where we need to listen and obey, especially where there are clear signs of danger. The Word says that when we see the danger to avoid it, run from it, and to hide. 

When a crime occurs is usually happens quickly, things get out of hand, emotions flare and disaster happens. The damage is done and often innocent victims perish. This is a defeat for all humanity. Worldwide persons die needlessly, their deaths, avoided. Let's learn from this situation, all of us. Let's change what we don't want, what is wrong, what is evil, each of us, collectively. 

In between this is the reality of where things go wrong when a human being is not well in their skin, and they are trying to cope in a world that will not cut them any slack or not help them. We are not good at admitting that we do not know how do get ourselves out of situations that overwhelm us. We need to correct our thinking and attitude of judgment and finger-pointing immediately. Those who are misunderstood, those who have trouble fitting in,  is an opportunity to step in, teach, guide, and support- not with fists and riots, not with scorn but with love, concern, and genuine support and guidance. If you ever walked away from a situation where you could have made a positive difference in someone's life you might get accused of being an "ist". Racism says I don't like you for whatever reason today, rather, love your neighbor as yourself, Christ admonishes us. Loving your neighbor also means telling the truth in love, and yes there are also times when it is fitting to get angry- but fight right. Don't lose faith with one another. Don't write people off at a glance, get to know their story, share a meal, or song, or walk in the park, acknowledge a person today, listen, respect, obey!

A few weeks ago I wrote about how Christ said that the poor in spirit is to rejoice in their position. This admonishment takes courage because anyone who is poor in spirit and cast aside needs the right frame of mind to overcome people's hatred, insults, put-downs, and rejection and they strive to fit in and be accepted as they are struggling to make sense of their situation and life- give people a chance and a break! This skill to be able to deal with rejection, spite, and insults is a whole ball of wax different than being innocent or guilty. These fire bands of evil coming against us requires we have the tools to deal effectively with those who decide to make us the target of their hatred. Unfortunately, when we become a target of hatred it is because we cannot defend and protect ourselves, and haters clearly will pick this up and come in for the kill and take as many with them as possible to further your demise.  Far too many will not mind their own business and just enjoy taking a poor soul down. Groupthink and cultural relativism take over often without the truth over told. Truth is irrelevant for the targeted or shunned.

"Why do we treat people like they have no feelings. Why do we demonize people and take away their hearts, ears, and voice?"

Their voice is silenced and they become a non-person, demonized, and deemed unworthy of protection, justice, or love. Just like Christ on the cross- a perfect loving man who did only good became the scum of the society only because it could be done to him- did the people of His time quickly forget all the good things He did while amongst them? Others stepped in and showcased their earthy power to take him down and put him out. Haters, mockers those who were jealous of His power and authority? Many of us deserve what we get but when an innocent person takes it - it shows how cruel our hearts are when we are careless with other people's weaknesses, blunders, or reputations. No mercy for sure.  Christ the Lord gave us instructions on how to deal with people, for which most of humanity ignores. Why because of lack of mental clarity, morality, or cognizance of consciousness, is nonexistent and seared. When you come face to face with power or are confronted with power be careful because when push comes to shove many will not back down- their role, position reputation is on the line. Don't mess with people's positions you will rarely win. Especially those more powerful than you. Know when to back down to save your life or job as an example. That is why God, Jesus came to earth, to help humans who are naive, innocent, and uninformed, to tell us who are humble of heart and just trying to fit in that humanity is unforgiving and cruel for the most part. Appeasing to your pain and anguish only reinforces theirs,  which to many, is futile to go back and repair, so they will ignore your pain and suffering and lack.  So onward they crush the innocent to death and those who are desperately trying to understand their own plight and situation. Those who are broken, crushed lack so much of which you, with your hatred, will not bother to fill with love, but rather with your appearance of the superiority of hatred, scorn, and inhumanity. We are all guilty of this. We are all guilty of letting others down where we cleary witness they needed a good word, defending, or guidance. They needed someone to step in and say the truth or be an arm of defense or word of peace and appeasement. We have all let the innocent slip into obliviation of loss of job, marriage, position, or voice. They will be better off we convince ourselves. Until our turns come around. Be a voice to the hopeless. Step in where it is wrong. Save those who are being condemned to death.

Do not confront authority brutally, and when you are less powerful like with interacting with police, remember they have arms and authority, and they will use it if they feel their lives are in danger. Do not curse them, speak the truth calmly and politely as much as it depends on you. Stay clear of danger, and be peaceful. You will have your say but pray first-take the matter to God first and ask Him for justice, but keep your life safe- DO NOT lose your life- arguments, scuffles, homicides often take place when rage inters into the scenes. Get wisdom and understanding and God will take care of His children, each of us. I will end with P.E. Trudeau's 1981 quote on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

" We must now establish the basic principals, the basic values and beliefs which hold us together as Canadians so that beyond our regional loyalties there is a way of life and a system of values which made us proud of the country that has given us freedom and such immeasurable joy."

The first eleven words of the Canadian Charter of Rights says... " Whereas Canada is founded upon principals that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:

Thank you Christ that though you are God you care for the "low lives" of society. Those who are outcasts, those who are different and who can't help themselves. The poor in spirit, give us patience and endurance to get to the place where your plans will have us be. Amen.

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