Waiting For Divine Connection

Divine connections can change our lives from one second to the next. Since no woman or man is an island, we need mentors who lift us up, to our next level, spelling into unspeakable joy for our lives.

Think of Richard Branson who was mentored by many, and Oprah Winfrey raised with strong female mentors all throughout her life. We understand success, who has it, who doesn't, and we want to learn from those who live their dreams.

Inner peace is the serenity that our relationships and how we're living, and in the places, we go- are going well. The need for growth, change and evolution is built into our very DNA. We want to experience growth and understand were making the right decisions, or else we slowly die internally.

Yet on our own we can feel amiss and misdirected, unhappy and at a loss. We don't find the answers we seek from within. We hurt and suffer alone, living aggravated for what's not changing, though we burn the midnight oil of aspiration- only to find, the next day's anticipations are nowhere to be found.

What is the problem, what am I not seeing that would instantly turn things around- is a question we ask from time to time? What do I need to do- to turn all this around- can be the lingering question of a lifetime?

1.. If important relationships have been estranged for years, can you change them within two hours?
2.. If you've gone twenty years on an unhealthy path of obesity, can you heal yourself in two days?
3.. If you've smoked for ten years, can you stop today?
The answer is yes- you can. By simply deciding to renew your situation correctly.  What is correct is what a spiritual consultant helps you sort out.

You can possess and operate from this basis of clarity each time?

We are born with an internal compass, connecting us through people and universe. This internal compass when reverently protected and nurtured guides our daily steps and decisions perfectly.

Our problem lies is where, our inner compass is muddied- robbing us of clarity, and therefore distorting our directional cues.

Can you listen to your internal compass?  You can learn to access knowledge and guidance on your own. But you need someone to show you the Way. We need divine helpers to show us where we strayed off course, so that ultimately the source of guidance is coming from within you.

Divine consultation is where you begin your journey in trust, and wise guidance showing you exactly what you do, by clearing your way for understanding and clarity you can hear from within.

“My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6

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