What does love your neighbor as yourself mean?


This is a word that we have heard for thousands of years. Love, love, love.

At one point a marriage is exciting and ecstatic!

At one point a nation is ruled by friendship and cooperation.

At one point relationships are pleasant and exciting.

And then...

Marriages fall apart.

Relationships change to lack of communication and self preservation take precedent.

Threats, blockages, retaliation and resentment rule the day.

Life and Death are in the power of the tongue

God commands that we love our neighbor as ourselves. If we stop to consider this commandment and apply it to our daily lives. What would that look like.

1. Our neighbor is our parent. When we wake up we can say good morning to them, instead of give them a dirty look for not buying us a six hundred dollar item we wanted. 

2. Our neighbor is a teacher at school who we mock, ridicule or ignore.

3. Our neighbor is a homeless woman who we dismiss as invisible.

4. Our neighbor is our brother or sister who we envy and disrespect.

5. Our neighbor is the police who we spit on and abuse and lie about their role of authority.

6. Our neighbor is the Priest who we accuse falsely.

7. Our neighbor is the person who is different.

8. Our neighbor is the person who is trying to make sense of their lives failing miserably.

9. Our neighbor is the poor in spirit.

Love your neighbor as yourself requires reflection and thought In order to preserve the relationship it requires work and a plan of action when your face to face with them. To keep relations sweet and ongoing and healthy ground rules are required. 

Respect at all times. Remember each person is first a human being with feelings. Check in with them first.

Honesty in love

Don't talk to each other in anger or bitterness for to long. 

Give more than you take.

Support the other in their role or position,

Don't be jealous or envious ever. Your turn will come.

Tell the truth in love and in fairness. Calling a spade a spade. When someone does wrong call it out lovingly and not out of spite, hatred or arrogance.

Show compassion and understanding to others who are struggling. People are human beings who have limited mental faculties and abilities. We are not all equal in awareness and clarity.

Many people are deficient,inept and are at a obvious emotional, financial and material lack. But why are they not like me?

It is not our job to judge, it is not our place to criticize, it is not our job to point our finger or to exclude them for xyz. 

Love your neighbor means loving the people who WE THINK do not deserve our attention or respect. 

This is where our character is required to grow and stretch.

Loving those who are outcasts. 

Loving the poor and marginalized.

Loving those we hate and abhor.

Loving those who persecute us and mistreat us.

Loving those who hate us.

Love covers a multitude of sins.

Will you today love your neighbor as yourself no matter what they do or are?

 John 15:13   There is no greater love than this: that a person would lay down his life for the sake of his friends.”

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