The God Habit

How would you feel if you were surrounded by the best advice money could buy. Surrounded by an experts in every field guiding you in making excellent decisions- from finances to health to relationships, you name it. How about someone who is well informed and connected who knows what others are doing, or going to do, or knows where your next job is going to be, or knows who you are going to marry. They even know where you left your car keys?  What if you knew someone who could tell everything about you, and knows your future step by step. Free of charge at no cost to you.This person is worth having contact with.

This great person is God, Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit, which live in you.


Why squander the opportunity each day and for eternity to be well advised. You might say, I don't hear any answer or guidance. We'll our God is a thoughtful and elegant God who takes your thoughts into consideration as a free being.Don't block God's answers with negativity. Stay positive and receptive.

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.  Isaiah 30:21

The problem is that noise, our cell phones, T.V, busy lives, is masking our inner compass of direction and hope. We have lost the art of listening to the voice of God within. More than ever, in our day and age, we need an advisor who can be all these things and much more than we can think or imagine. We have this resource free of charge.Why would we waste this opportunity each day. Remember to take hold of this treasure everyday.

Each Day Say in Bed when you awake and begin your day...

I am alive, I can breath without pain, name the things your thankful for. Give yourself a hug and a smile. Sing your favorite Psalm. Thank God for a good nights rest, a roof over your head and heat.Acknowledge the Spirit of the Universe who second by second extends a hand of perfect help, in thoughts toward you. Say I am listening. Lord, is there something you want to show me, or tell me or show me what to do with my time? Even if you don't understand the how and what-ask for wisdom, ask for protection, ask to understand. Ask God as if you believed He was standing right beside you ready to give you the best advice and help. Read the Bible- it is God's voice and mind. Bless your family, Bless your nation, Talk to the wisdom of the universe about a problem.Then watch for the answers come in your life. This is the God Habit. Now go have a great day!   


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