Thank you for the Word

When I think about the Word, the Bible, and what Christ and the ministry of the Holy Spirit are trying to tell each one of us, it comforts me to no end with great joy and hope!

Like a hidden treasure, I guard its place in my heart and life.

Where would we be if we did not have the Bible and its teachings and its history?

Thank the Jewish people who through their history and suffering and relationship with the transcendent brought forth the scriptures to this very day for all of humanity to digest and access. Be respectful of those who suffered for my gain.

Its examples are of people who lived throughout time and throughout the ages who called on the name of the Lord and who had a direct relationship with Him. Not a perfect relationship, none of us can claim that, yet an acknowledgment of His power and Essence reaching out His arm to help and to guide as we extend our arm and hand outward to Him..

Proverbs says that the Word of God is better than gold and silver. The apostle Paul said that he counted all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus his Lord for whom he suffered the loss of all things and counted them as rubbish that he might gain Christ and be found in Him.

 When we are on our death bed, I assume we realize our earthly existence is coming to an close, but what happens to our conscious, as it transfers from life to stillness, mind released from the confines of the earthly body? Does the conscious and man's - woman's spirit live on? It's a natural feeling because God has placed within each of us a sense of eternity. 

When we die and we breathe our last what are we thinking about and where do we go?

Where will you and I go? All things come to an end, the bad the good, and the ugly but the word of God lasts forever. So it's logical that through the Word we continue to live even after death making the claims of Christianity true.

Taking the time to read and understand the Word of God is a treat and an honor and a lesson in holy training and knowledge and a compilation of many books that answers many of life's perplexing questions. It's like when spending time in the presence of a great composure of music, or artist. We are just in awe of their skill, abilities, and character, and life experiences. We keep silent for the most part, in their presence not overpowering them or telling them they are wrong. We listen wanting to emulate them, and respect them and learn from their experiences.

Relationship with God is no different. Why do we think we're smarter than the Creator of the universe just because we do not see Him outright? Beside if God in not a rock, or a tree and no where to be seen, does it mean that He does not exist. No, the matter that we do no see God does not signify, He does not exist. God is everything not seen. Another dimension, another realm another something. The written Words of the Bible are words, thoughts of people just like me and you who spent enormous amounts of time contemplating the presence of God in their earthly lives and they share they're experiences and story with us. We all have those stories and we collectively through and with the human race share the reality of the Great God Almighty in relationship with us.

Rediscover the Words of God and relish His presence and power through relationship and love for the church.


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