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Wear M F B- My Fathers Business clothing line by wearing them with pride.

 Jesus while on earth distinctively knew His mission and work set out for Him. Which was to teach the Word and to tell people the truth about the afterlife. Christ the LORD saw that there was a lot of suffering among people. And HE is telling us how to avoid sickness, mental disease, and confusion. Be positive, be hopeful, and be patient because reserve and strength are required until we reach a point where everything comes together. Is all this easy, short answer NO!, but it's better than giving up going down defeated and hopeless attitudes which are of no value to anyone..

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 There is far too much hatred and evil on this earth that is directly being emitted from our mouths in the manner in how we speak and what we say. The evil we produce comes from our acts of injustice and hatred and simply "not caring."  or "judging in arrogance" There is far too much gossiping and slander going on and not enough "confrontation and honesty in love". God does not want us to live this way. 

"Let each of you look out not only for his own interests but also the interests of others,  Philippians 2:4 


Stand up, by intervening  SAFELY. We need the conscious and moral participation of men in our societies. Each man must examine his role within the society as one who is ready to lend a hand, mentally focused and ready to do good, and obey authority placed over him, so as not to cause dissension and confusion. There is a time and a place to be honest and to confront in love. Humans know how it is like when we are usurped and dishonored- it is wrong. Bearing up under an unfair authority figure builds character in us. Then when it is our turn, in the family or at the job we will want the same tolerance and respect and space. We all need to work on this, which is to respect authority. respect the person. Whether you think they deserve it or not is irrelevant. Let God do the judging and correcting. Pray for change.

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