A definition of church can be a building used for public worship.

 I remember when young, going to church was a outing we anticipated as a family. The Lords day was  a place where we lived out our youth through events which designed our destinies to this day. Sports, activities, friendships and as well awful growing pains.

The church was the building and the people running it. Looking back, we were the dumbest of all. My family was pretty naïve and we required lots of growing up. We hid in the church not really knowing what we were doing, nor did we understand God, nor the concepts of the Bible. 


"We struggled pathetically"

I lived relational troubles with ministers and with clergy because coming from a broken home where I was misunderstood because my parents did not know themselves nor knew how to raise us in a godly manner, I needed more attention and love than what I was given and a incorrect "spirit" beset me most of my life. Clergy too, often chose to punish and mistreat me with impatience rather than take the time to act in understanding. it was easy to punish me. There was no one to step in to defend or protect me.

"Today, as I look back I understand that living and acting and behaving without the guidance of the Holy Spirit proves disastrous."

The problem is not the church itself or God's Word, but people who act less than what God asks us to act like- who attend and run church's. No one is perfect, everyone errs and fails if we choose to live our lives without the truth of God's healing. 

A child does not know how to love themselves or others yet. They must feel, absorb and be engulfed with love. Sadly most children do not get the love and support they require to become healthy adults. Then what. When you don't know enough to trust what God says as true. It produces sin, a mess over a mess over a mess. And this is the correct state of our world and institutions.

 Humans like me and you trying to live life without understanding God's Holy Spirit make a mess period. People like me and you who don't read the Spirit of God, who don't pray and who don't go to church and who don't have a genuine relationship with Jesus or God or the Holy Spirit is bound to falter in perception and behavior along the way.

The church is full of broken people who struggle to heal themselves but fail. The church is full of broken people who don't know how to let God heal them. 

"But is healing our doing? No it is not! Relationship through Jesus is the answer toward healing."

This is why God commands us to love one another and leave the changing and healing to Him. God knows that to love others unconditionally has a better return than being revengeful, harsh or punitive especially when its not called for. We don't know the future or the past of others. We can't tell at times if they deserve punishment or forgiveness or mercy. We should confer with the Holy Spirit first and find out what the person needs first. Then act appropriately. 

Rather than punish like we feel like meeting out to others, we love and forgive because its a command to do so. And in doing so we sow good feelings and spare further hurting someone who really needs loving energy and kindness rather than our judgement. Think how many times we would have rather received mercy than punishment.

On the flip side of the coin we can always decide to find fault especially with our leaders in society and this includes leaders in the church. Instead of criticizing and insulting clergy and or even ruining their reputation maliciously why not pray for them instead.

I remember growing up thinking how my Father was a bad mean Father which he was. But looking back he desperately required prayer just like the next guy. My Father passed away four years ago, he changed so much because he sough the Lord, he made the decision to go with God and this was the best decision he ever made. He left the earth to meet Jesus. I know this because when he passed he died with a smile on his face as if he meet someone he was pleased to meet before leaving his earthly existence. My father died of a brain tumor.

"pray for people who are difficult they are going through a rough time"

"pray for the church as a whole because they as well need our prayers and financial support" Those who serve in a clerical capacity need roofs and food too. It's their job, so pay them like you like to be paid for your work.

"church is a place to reflect on our weekly behavior and to do better the following week."

We take communion and share in the body and blood of Jesus Christ who said that he died so that we can walk out our healing with Him and through Him. We are already healed. The rest is in our minds to change our living and thoughts and speech to fit His healing reality to us.

Visit your local church, pray for clergy, support and be nice to them, they are people like us and struggle too.

Rediscover your church for the first time.


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